Support Services

Recent expansion of business throughout the region has given rise to a comprehensive array of support products and services that are available to local and regional commercial enterprises.

To help your business, the area offers an abundance of financial, insurance, consulting, accounting and other professional services. Plus you will have access to:

  • Air Carrier service

  • Assembly Contractors

  • Chemical Suppliers

  • Commercial and Corporate Interior Design

  • Commercial Printing

  • Computer Sales and Service

  • Corrugated Cartons

  • Customhouse Brokerage

  • Distributors

  • Electric Motor Controls

  • Electronic Parts and Equipment

  • Fire Retardants

  • Foundry Operations

  • Freight Forwarding

  • General Industrial Contractors

  • General Industrial Machinery and Equipment

  • Highway Construction

  • Industrial and Personal Paper Products

  • Industrial Plating Operations

  • Industrial Suppliers

  • Industrial Trucks, Tractors and Trailers

  • Medical Device Contract Sterilization

  • Metal Heating Treating Operations

  • Metal Stamping and Molding

  • Moving Trucks and Storage

  • Paint and Coatings

  • Plastic Injection Molding

  • Plastics, Foil, Coated Paper Bags

  • Springs

  • Steel Distributors

  • Sterilizers

  • Tools and Die Shops

  • Waste and Scrap Materials


Find Out More

More detailed information on business opportunities and the El Paso region is available upon request. Amongst other things, you can download graphic and marketing tools. Further information is available at: El Paso Chamber of Commerce or contact Horizon Communities.