About Horizon Communities

Horizon Communities Improvement Association (HCIA) is chartered under Texas and federal laws as a property owners’ improvement association. With more than 25,000 owners of local property, the association is funded primarily from assessments paid by its members. HCIA is a private non-profit corporation.

Board of Directors

Horizon Communities’ Board of Directors is an elected body charged with overseeing budgets and projects to the benefit of property owners in the association. You may contact any board member via email at info@horizoncommunities.com.

Administrative Staff

Horizon Communities Improvement Association, is a private, nonprofit corporation with a membership of over 25,000 local property owners from all parts of the world. The Horizon Communities staff is here to serve our members and their needs!


Area Development

COMMUNITY: Growth Continues

The 2000 U.S. Census confirmed that the Horizon area was one of the fastest growing urban centers in El Paso County in the 1990s. Since then, the growth rate has exceeded 10% annually and looks set to continue. The 2004 Census estimated that 20,000 people make up our population. This includes incorporated and unincorporated areas. Experts expect this figure to reach 65,000 by the year 2020.

BUSINESS: Expanding Opportunity

Horizon Communities Improvement Association is here to help commercial and industrial enterprises, big and small, interested in establishing or relocating to the Horizon area. We believe our future lies with small business, start-up entrepreneurs looking for a place they can call home. We view small businesses as the primary driver of growth and employment in the local and national economy.

FACILITIES: Recreation & Leisure

Horizon offers a Little League field and a playground at Community Park. A second park with playground and exercise facilities is located in the Horizon Mesa subdivision. More parks and improvements are planned in newer subdivisions. School sports facilities are also open to local residents for events and activities. Horizon Golf Course and Conference Center features 18-holes of golf on a beautifully maintained course.