Medical Services

In recent years, excellent progress has been made in bringing medical, dental and pharmaceutical services to the Horizon area. Two pediatric clinics have been established, this at a time when El Paso continues to struggle with attracting physicians, particularly pediatricians.

The Horizon Physicians clinic is a private practice operated by Dr. Rodin Mendoza-Castillo. Initially, the clinic operated from two locations, but accommodation problems have limited a local presence. Horizon Communities is working with Dr. Mendoza to help him build a permanent clinic in the center of Horizon. In the meantime, Dr. Mendoza is operating from rented premises in East El Paso.

The Child Wellness Center, operating out of the Region 19 Head Start center on Darrington Road, is an initiative of Texas Tech University Health Science Center. The resident pediatrician is Dr. Alison Days. She was joined by a second pediatrician in 2003.

The area is also served by La Clínica Guadalupana, a general practice presently based in neighboring Agua Dulce, Texas.

Regional Hospitals and Medical Centers

Thank You

Horizon Communities acknowledges the public and private assistance provided to our clinics. In particular, we thank local builder, Carefree Homes, local developer, Colony Partners East, Texas Tech and the Texas Office of Rural Community Affairs (ORCA) for their most valuable contributions. Horizon Communities is particularly grateful to Carefree Homes for making its generous contribution to our medical establishment fund in 2002.

Horizon Communities continues to pursue high standard medical services for the area.


Our Good Life

The Advantages

Our core communities offer all the advantages of small-town living, friendliness, safety, good schools, local shops, and peace and quiet. Horizon’s residents know each other and watch out for one another. Neighbors can meet up at the country club, which offers an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, elegant dining, and entertainment. Old-fashioned community values are alive and well here.

Big City Amenities

The city of El Paso is less than a 15 minute drive west of Horizon. Some of El Paso’s newest shopping malls, outlets, and restaurants are located on El Paso’s rapidly growing eastside. For a more exotic shopping experience, cross the Zaragoza International Bridge and enjoy what Mexico has to offer. We are also 10 minutes from Mission Valley, once settled by the Spanish in the late 16th century. The old churches that line the historic Mission Trail mark the birthplace of El Paso. And with such close access to I-10, road trips spanning the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean is easy.

The Climate

Here in the high desert, our average high summer temperature is 95 degrees. The average winter high is about 60 degrees. Low humidity and moderate rainfall, 8.65 inches annually, combine to create an ideal climate.

In winter, sunshine and warmth are aplenty. Concerned you might miss the snow? Don't worry. Some winters deliver up to six inches of snowfall overnight (the all time record for El Paso was 22.4 inches in 1987). But wake up early to build your snowman. It will probably melt by noon.