Authorities & Administration

The Town of Horizon City (☎ 915.852.1046) has responsibility for the day-to-day administration of its police, zoning, subdivision approval, building control and road maintenance. The township also controls subdivision within its one-mile Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) to the east. Horizon has plans to annex land to keep up with urban expansion, though these plans are complicated by an ETJ, which overlaps with that of the City of El Paso.

The City of El Paso (☎ 915.541.4000) controls all subdivisions within its five-mile eastern ETJ. This area extends all the way to the western boundaries of Horizon City.

El Paso County (☎ 915.546.2000) controls subdivisions in all remaining areas. Otherwise, its responsibilities apply to all unincorporated areas, including the ETJ’s of both El Paso and Horizon. There is no zoning, planning or building regulation in unincorporated county areas in Texas. The county also has some jurisdiction within incorporated areas.

City Administration

A council consisting of a mayor and seven aldermen Horizon governs Horizon. Currently, all positions have two-year terms and are at-large. Responsibilities include planning and zoning, street maintenance, public safety, parks, libraries, recreational facilities and other quality of life services. There are just over 100 city ordinances in place to facilitate these functions.

Four departments handle the day-to-day operations of the town. They are: administration, public works, public safety (police), and municipal court. The administration department includes the city clerk, city attorney, city treasurer and administrative receptionist. Public works has a director, administrative assistant, a part-time planner, and three maintenance workers. Public safety staff includes the chief of police, eight full-time officers, and five reserve officers. The municipal court has one judge and two court clerks.

Horizon Communities and the Town of Horizon City have joined resources on a number of projects designed to promote the development of the community and enhance quality of life. In 1996, Horizon City obtained supplementary funding for Horizon Communities’ construction of the second stage of Eastlake Drive. In 1997, the council was able to construct the Oz Glaze Senior Citizen Center. It used state grant funds secured by a Horizon Communities’ local match. Horizon Communities funded playground equipment and other improvements for the adjoining community park and dedicated land for the project.

Coordinating Group

In 2002, representatives of the various authorities in the area started meeting on a monthly basis to keep informed of local developments, and each other’s plans. The Horizon Coordinating Group (HCG), as it is called, was organized with the help of the Rio Grand Council of Governments. The meetings are open and local developers are encouraged to attend.

Emergency Services

The El Paso County Emergency Services District #1 provides the Horizon Communities area with fire and ambulance services. The Emergency Services District is a tax-supported public agency. It was originally established in 1975 as a rural fire prevention district. It has an annual operating budget of approximately $250,000, and operates four fire trucks and two special equipment vehicles. The district is also responsible for emergency ambulance service through a county-contracted, private ambulance company.

A minimum of 15 volunteers, of which several are certified as emergency medical technicians, emergency care attendants and firefighters are available to respond to Horizon City area emergencies.

Supervised by a three-member Board of Commissioners appointed by the El Paso County Commissioners Court, the District services the communities of Horizon City, Agua Dulce, Ascension, and Lakeway. It also assists other adjoining emergency districts when necessary to suppress fires outside of the District boundaries.


Our Good Life

The Advantages

Our core communities offer all the advantages of small-town living, friendliness, safety, good schools, local shops, and peace and quiet. Horizon’s residents know each other and watch out for one another. Neighbors can meet up at the country club, which offers an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, elegant dining, and entertainment. Old-fashioned community values are alive and well here.

Big City Amenities

The city of El Paso is less than a 15 minute drive west of Horizon. Some of El Paso’s newest shopping malls, outlets, and restaurants are located on El Paso’s rapidly growing eastside. For a more exotic shopping experience, cross the Zaragoza International Bridge and enjoy what Mexico has to offer. We are also 10 minutes from Mission Valley, once settled by the Spanish in the late 16th century. The old churches that line the historic Mission Trail mark the birthplace of El Paso. And with such close access to I-10, road trips spanning the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean is easy.

The Climate

Here in the high desert, our average high summer temperature is 95 degrees. The average winter high is about 60 degrees. Low humidity and moderate rainfall, 8.65 inches annually, combine to create an ideal climate.

In winter, sunshine and warmth are aplenty. Concerned you might miss the snow? Don't worry. Some winters deliver up to six inches of snowfall overnight (the all time record for El Paso was 22.4 inches in 1987). But wake up early to build your snowman. It will probably melt by noon.