Rapidly Expanding

Horizon Communities Improvement Association is here to help commercial and industrial enterprises, big and small, interested in establishing or relocating to the Horizon area. We believe our future lies with small business, start-up entrepreneurs looking for a place they can call home. We view small businesses as the primary driver of growth and employment in the local and national economy.

Horizon City is located just a couple of minutes off of I-10 and the commercial transportation network comprised of I-10, Loop 375 and the Zaragosa International Port-of-Entry with Mexico. Horizon Communities is perfectly positioned to become the "one stop shop" for entrepreneurs looking for information and assistance.

Our research and marketing has identified the following sectors as ideally suited for this area:

  • Recreation and Entertainment

  • Destination Hospitality

  • Education and Experiential

  • Service and Transportation

  • Specialty and Niche

We will work with entrepreneurs in these fields and provide whatever assistance we can. Our local authorities have pledged their support to assist as well.

Major commercial growth is springing up in the area and more is on the way. Local services are rapidly expanding to meet demand of a growing population. Our existing population of about 18,000 is expected to expand to 65,000 by 2020. Come grow with us.


Find Out More

More detailed information on business opportunities and the El Paso region is available upon request. Amongst other things, you can download graphic and marketing tools. Further information is available at: El Paso Chamber of Commerce or contact Horizon Communities.